Snappy Campaign Weeks

The Brief was for a snappy format for online, video and TV.  To allow for quickly marketing of select products within a certain theme for a time specific offer depending on the season or occurring events.  Such as BBQ products or bathing accessories during a heatwave or products for law keeping in the spring, fun in the snow in winter etc. Without the need to do a full photo session.

Me and Copywriter Anton Högsander got to work and went forward with this sketch

The original sketch

During the brief meeting I sketched this in my notebook. It became the base for the campaign format.

Produkts peering from behind slogans and logos is a known form in the Jula brand. To simplify and unify the form I separated the text and the product bouquet into separate modules to allow for future variations on the campaign format. The product bouquet always has products that are part of that offer.

Further more we decided to keep the head copy as simple and snappy as possible. “Grill Days,  Chill Days, Splash Days etc.” 

Splash Days - motion sketch

The campaign format continues with new products and elements. In this motion sketch, used to illustrate how the background element would work, the theme here is water toys.