Doobidoo Pays Hommage to …

The final mockup with some random video placeholders instead of the videos from the show.

The pop musical game show, Doobidoo, had a segment called "Doobidoo pays hommage to ...", and the intro and outro for that segment called for a respectable book with the flair of the show, to open up and show us video segments of the star's life. Several questions about the star would be asked during that segment. To make the production process easier, we decided to create a template that could be populated by the show's editor and save time on heavy weekly rendering.


I took the initiative to create wireframe previsualizations, serving as a vital tool to maintain transparency and keep all project members informed about our progress. These visual representations not only provided insights into our project’s status but also gave stakeholders an opportunity to actively participate and voice their opinions as the work unfolded. It was a proactive approach to ensure alignment and enhance collaboration throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Questions lower thirds

During the segment, three questions about the star were asked. The lower third with the question was made into an Adobe Premiere Pro graphics template populated by the show’s editor.

Look Development for the Book

I aimed to create a book that exudes gravitas and dignity, befitting the artist’s illustrious career. To achieve this, I opted for thick leather-bound covers adorned with intricate gold imprints, drawing inspiration from the graphic elements found in the program graphics. However, to prevent the book from becoming overly bulky and dull, I incorporated enchanting, glittering details to enhance the gilded portions. These details not only catch the light but also create a delightful bokeh effect, adding a touch of magic to the book’s overall aesthetic.